Ultraviolet light in Digital

With the implementation of cDLM printing, 3D Composites can provide a product with a higher resolution finish in a faster amount of time. Continuous digital light manufacturing (cDLM) is a process that, during printing, continuously moves the build along the z axis while curing the material into place with UV light.

Build Envelope:

Up to 7.09” x 3.98” x 6.9” (180mm x 101mm x 175mm).

Materials & Colors

The cDLM process uses liquid based materials that cure with uv light. Each material has different strengths and finishes:

Name Description Colors
ABS Tough A flexible ABS equivalent, holding high stress and force White
E-Rigid PU Polyurethane-like resin for end use. Shore D hardness value BlackWhite
E-RigidForm Strong for prototypes and end use. Shore D 87 value BlackLight grayTranslucent amber
Loctite 3D 3860 Acrylic resin Black
Loctite 3D 3843 High performance acrylic resin with impact resistance BlackLight gray
Loctite 3D 5015 High durability silicone resin BlackWhiteTranslucent natural
Loctite 3D 3840 Acrylic resin BlackWhiteLight grayTranslucent natural
E-Mould For injection molding Natural
E-Aquasol Elastomeric material for 3D printing TanAquasol red