The Value and Benefits of 3D Printing

3D Printing Vs Traditional Methods

3D printing offers a host of benefits that all facets of work life, whether that be personal, local, or industrial, can avail. The value it offers is far more than traditional methods of manufacturing, or prototyping, can give.

3D printing allows for mass customization. This means that final products can be personalized and in accordance with the end-user’s specifications at no additional expense. 3D printing can ensure that even if products are mass-produced, there is flexibility and freedom of design experience.

3D printing offers levels of complexity. Complex components can easily materialize with 3D printing, offering more impressive visual effects. Products can be more light-weight, stronger, intricate and detailed as desired. Traditional processes have design restrictions that make manufacture of complex products very difficult. Some industrial applications such as in aerospace, automotive, and medicine benefit from this.

3D printing can eliminate the need for tool production. This is true for low to medium volume applications, such as industrial manufacturing. There are stages of product development in the making of tools that are very time-, cost-, and labor-consuming. With 3D printing, intricate geometries and complex components can be achieved without the need for costly assembly requirements. Hence, budget goals, including saving, are easily realized.

3D printing products can be produced on demand. This advantage eliminates the need to keep huge inventories and to maintain storehouses, improving logistics. Products are manufactured quickly and shipped anywhere where needed in calculated time.

3D printing is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The 3D manufacturing process utilizes as much as 90% of its materials, thus affording less wastage. Due to the light weight of 3D printed components, more fuel is conserved leading to reduced carbon imprint on the environment

With these range of benefits compared to traditional manufacturing methods, and the technology advancing and revolutionizing as it goes, it is no wonder that 3D printing is a gamechanger par excellence.


More Value Than Conventional Manufacturing

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