Urethane casting is a great way to get custom parts for small to medium production runs.

Using your design we print a 3D master of your part to become a template for a silicone mold to pour a liquid cast of your part, or the 3D print can be used as a rigid tool for laying urethane casts and thermoforming.

By taking a polyurethane cast you can ensure quality while also getting

  • A resilient part with a smooth finish
  • Low cost
  • Great use in any industry

Urethane parts can be made to any size specifications, can be cast in different materials to give a more rigid, solid part (Shore D) or a more flexible part (Shore A), and can be dyed to match for color, creating a variety of uses for a urethane cast part.

Urethane casting being prepared in a 3D printed mold

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