Q. What is 3D Composites?

A. 3D Composites is a 3D printing service bureau. We are based out of the Pacific Northwest and have been active since 2013.

Q. What does 3D Composites do?

A. We 3D print parts and models for businesses in the aerospace, transportation, recreational industries and more, using top of the line industrial printers and materials.

Q. What is 3D Composites’ Rapid Prototyping service?

A. Rapid prototyping gives you a physical, 3D printed model of your design. We’ll take your 3D CAD file and print it to scale. It’s a great way for you to evaluate your project quickly and at a low cost.

Q. What are the benefits of rapid prototyping?

A. Rapid prototyping is great for presenting your team with physical models. Engineers can evaluate and expand, marketers can learn your product before it is produced, and manufacturers can improve development time.

Q. What materials are your prototypes made from?

A. We print parts out of industrial grade thermoplastic materials like nylon, polycarbonate, abs, ultem, and more.

Q. How are your prototypes printed (or what type of rapid prototyping do you do)?

A. We use the additive manufacturing processes fused deposition modelling (FDM) and selective absorption fusion (SAF). These two methods are known for their ability to print strong, long-lasting parts.

Q. Why should our company use 3D Composites’ rapid prototyping service?

A. We produce quality prototypes for all industries. We’ll work with you to print your parts with a quick turn-around so you can stay on schedule.

Q. What kind of parts can you print?

A. We can print plastic prototypes of any size with great geometric detail, giving you unlimited design possibilities.

Q. I’m not doing a large production run. Is rapid prototyping still worth it for me?

A. Absolutely! Rapid prototyping is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to examine a physical version of your part before finalizing your design.