How Can You Use 3D Printing?

1. Quickly Produce Custom Parts

Additive (3D printing) manufacturing can be faster, more flexible, and less expensive when producing relatively small quantities of parts.

3D printing gives engineers and designers the ability to produce parts and concept models immediately!

Save time with Rapid Prototyping

2. Test Functionality & Design

3D printing allows for multiple design prototypes and concept models that help to verify design ergonomics and function elements that may not always be identifiable in a CAD drawing so you can discover and fix errors early.

Test the fit, form, and function of your design.

3. Reduce Costs

Shortened design cycles lead to reduced costs. 3D printing requires fewer tools and complex parts. Less manufacturing time equals lower costs.

Fused Deposition Modeling™ (FDM) helps reduce tooling costs by thousands per part.

4. Quality Production Parts

Usable, finished parts can be produced for low volume production runs or single part projects. Parts can be made to fit different strength requirements and specifications.

Seattle 3D printing company, 3D Composites verifies the quality and conformity of products during all phases of the manufacturing process.