Discover and fix design errors early. Reduce costs for prototyping and tooling. Shorten design cycles. No matter the complexity we’ll help you get it done. See real world examples of how your ideas can be accomplished with 3DC.

Reverse Engineering

Rebuild complex structures and parts for functional use. Our engineers can reconstruct existing properties from the ground up to meet needed specifications and replicate accurate details with our 3D scanning process.

This door slider hardware piece was replicated and mirrored in-house by our engineers and 3D printed in E-Rigid PU.

Customize It with Laser Cutting & Engraving

Additive manufacturing excels when paired with a technique that can make it unique. If you are looking for small scale milling for your specialized parts and products, we offer laser cutting & engraving services. Our table has two laser heads for double the production on duplicate pieces. Whether on a 3D printed piece or your own materials, laser cutting & engraving makes it your own.

Contact our team to see how laser cutting & engraving can work for you!

Precision Cut

When the time comes to make your idea into reality, you want to be sure that the part you get meets the accuracy of your design. That’s where our CNC machined tooling comes in. Precise cuts and even lines give each pull a picture perfect finish.

Click on the video to see our CNC machines in action:

Faster Production

The production line for a large order has gone much smoother with the help of a 3DC printed tool that guides the process of trimming and shaping over 200 trays for Skycast Solutions Inc.

Made of fluorescent yellow ABSplus-P430 material, our HRF (hand router fixture) gives us standardized parts in a short amount of time.

Quickly Produce Custom Parts

3D printing can be faster, more flexible, and less expensive when producing relatively small quantities of parts giving engineers and designers the ability to produce parts and concept models immediately!

See how Rapid Prototyping made a quick job helping Nasty Jack’s Candy Company:

Test Functionality & Design

3D printing allows for multiple design prototypes and concept models that help to verify design ergonomics and function elements that may not always be identifiable in a CAD drawing so you can discover and fix errors early.

See Komo 4 News coverage on how Everett High School students partnered with 3DC to practice their engineering skills and test the fit, form, and function of a design:

Reduce Costs

Shortened design cycles lead to reduced costs. 3D printing requires fewer tools and complex parts. Less manufacturing time equals lower costs.

Fused Deposition Modeling™ (FDM) helps reduce tooling costs by thousands per part. See how the simple FDM printing process cuts manufacturing time:

Quality Production Parts

Usable, finished parts can be produced for low volume production runs or single part projects. Parts can be made to fit different strength requirements and specifications.

Seattle 3D printing company, 3D Composites verifies the quality and conformity of products during all phases of the manufacturing process. Learn more about 3DC: