Selective Absorption Fusion

Selective Absorption Fusion

End use parts/right now.

The power of powder

Selective absorption fusion (SAF) is a modern additive manufacturing method that combines the technology of powder bed fusion and improved binder jetting. This industrial-grade process has the ability to produce higher volumes of end-use parts.

The SAF build process fuses infrared absorption material and polymer powder together using infrared energy. This fusion of materials is stronger than the bonding methods that you’ll find in processes like high-speed sintering (HSS) and multi-jet fusion (MJF), and leads to creating stronger parts, faster.

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Build Envelope:

Up to 12.40” x 8.18” x 11.53” (315 x 208 x 293 mm).

Materials & Colors

SAF parts are built with Stratasys High-Yeild PA12 and can be in natural grey, black or dyed to other colors. Click on a material for more information.