Material Data Sheet

SAF™ PA12 parts are perfect for applications where rigidity is an important requirement. At volume, SAF™ PA12 allows for fine feature resolution, strength and accuracy build after build, and is most suitable for higher tolerance requirements such as for assemblies and connector applications. Tight thermal control on the H350 leads to consistent parts and high nesting densities, and thus more parts per build.

Color options:

Natural Grey, Black, or custom dyed

Quick Facts:

  • Lower cost per part
  • More parts per build
  • Great for assemblies and connector applications
natural grey

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Property Mean Unit Standard*
Tensile Strength (XZ,YX) 47 (6817) MPa (psi) ASTM D638-14
Tensile Strength (ZX) 46 (6672)) MPa (psi) ASTM D638-14
Elongation at Break (XZ,YX) 11 % ASTM D638-14
Elongation at Break (ZX) 5 % ASTM D638-14
0.2% Offset Yield Strength (XZ,YX) 33.5 (4859) MPa (psi) ASTM D638-14
0.2% Offset Yield Strength (ZX) 32.2 (4670) MPa (psi) ASTM D638-14
Tensile Modulus (XZ,YX) 1750 (254) MPa (ksi) ASTM D638-14
Tensile Modulus (ZX) 1700 (247) MPa (ksi) ASTM D638-14
Flexural Strength (XZ,YX) 40 (5801) MPa (psi) ASTM D790-17
Flexural Strength (ZX) 41 (5946) MPa (psi) ASTM D790-17
Flexural Modulus (XZ,YX) 900 (131) MPa (ksi) ASTM D790-17
Flexural Modulus (ZX) 925 (134) MPa (ksi) ASTM D790-17
Notched Impact Strength (XZ,YX) 4.17 (1.98) kJ/m2 (Ft.lbf/in2) ASTM D256-10
Notched Impact Strength (ZX) 3.36 (1.60) kJ/m2 (Ft.lbf/in2) ASTM D256-10

* Testing based on stated ASTM standards with the following exceptions: tests performed at ambient laboratory conditions (approximately 21 °C and ambient humidity). Samples not conditioned as per stated methods prior to testing.

General Mean Unit Standard
Part Specific Gravity 0.98 ASTM D792-13
Virgin Particle Size D50 56 (2.2) µm (thou)
Virgin Powder Melting Point 185 (365) °C (°F)
Thermal Mean Unit Standard
Heat Deflection Temperature (0.45MPa/65psi) 173 (343) °C (°F) ASTM D648
Heat Deflection Temperature (1.82MPa/264psi) 77 (171) °C (°F) ASTM D648
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 160 (0.089) µm/°C.m (thou/in.°F) ASTM E831
Specific Heat Capacity (20°C/68°F) 1.69 (0.4) J/g.°C (BTU/lb.°F) ASTM E1952
Thermal Conductivity (23°C/73°F) 0.192 (1.34) W/m K
(BTU (th) inch/hr.ft.°F)
ASTM E1952
Electrical Mean Unit Standard
Surface resistivity 5.53 x1013 Ohm ASTM D257
Volume resistivity 4.19 x1014 Ohm-cm ASTM D257
Flammability Mean Unit Standard
UL94 HB Pass Not Applicable UL94 (April 2022)

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