Using a Strong Foundation

When you are ready to start producing your part, FDM tooling is the way to go. High-performance FDM thermoplastics like ULTEM™ 1010 are used to print a custom tool that can withstand vacuum bagging, high temperatures, and autoclaving. These features allow for quick turn-around which makes FDM tooling perfect for aerospace builds and repairs.

FDM tools are surfaced finished by sanding smooth and coating with an epoxy sealant. This process helps to achieve vacuum integrity as well as giving your parts a clean finish.

ULTEM Tooling

Custom Manufacturing

Tools can help aid your manufacturing by giving you a customized base that is made to fit your specific needs, including:

  • Composite lay-ups
  • Envelope bagging
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Low volume runs

Industry Produced

With FDM tooling 3D Composites aims to provide a service that will keep up with the quality practices of the aerospace community of the greater Seattle area.

Ready to get your production line running? Send us your designs and we can get you started!

fdm ultem tool repair

Now you have a tool but still need some extra man-power? Let us help you with your production runs.

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3DC ultem part

ULTEM™ 1010 is a high-performance resin that is ideal for aerospace tooling and is even certified for food and medical grade parts.

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