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Rapid Prototyping

Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) can be faster, more flexible, and less expensive when producing relatively small quantities of parts. 3D printing gives engineers and designers the ability to produce usable parts and concept models immediately!

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Large 3D printed object

FDM Quality Parts

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a manufacturing process that turns your idea into a practical design and then a physical part. 3D Composites specializes in FDM manufacturing and materials that work to provide the strength, durability, and quality for your part.

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CAD Design

Engineering & CAD Design

Send us your ideas in a 2D drawing and our technical staff will create a 3D model to your satisfaction. If you already have a 3D CAD file, we will print and ship your finished part guaranteeing short lead times and fast delivery.

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Measuring a 3D printed object

Printing & Finishing

Parts can be made to fit different strength requirements and specifications. Extremely accurate models have excellent repeatability. We offer a wide variety of colors and materials. Once a part has been printed, it is post-processed and quality inspected.

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Thermoforming Tooling

Let your 3D printed design become a mold that we can use to cast a solid, sleek thermoformed part in any of our materials. Thermoforming gives you a wider design scope aesthetically-pleasing looks, and wide flexibility for small and large product designs.

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Shipping 3D objects

Shipping & Delivery

Since starting the company in 2014, we have had a 100% on-time delivery record. Local delivery and fast shipping! Contact us to schedule a drop.

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