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3D Printing in Multi-Industries

The Potential Applications of 3D Printing

Big research , as well as investment, support continues to fuel the upswing of 3D printing technology around the world. That may be because many different industries realize the use of 3D printing within their own fields. There are some very interesting potential applications of the technology. Let’s look at them.

Medicine and Organogenesis

In medicine and science, 3D printing can create anatomical structures in cell cultures to mimic the growth of human organs. Imagine the many lives it can save. Organ transplants can be performed quickly, eliminating long waiting lists, and more importantly, removing the need of life-long anti-rejection treatments. Organogenesis is just one of 3D printing’s capabilities.

Still in the field of medicine, the next new wave of innovation is in personalized care. 3D printing is finding its way in precision medicine. It can create personalized organs, skin grafts or mechanical parts. It can also print specific nanoparticles as well as personalized food or pills of a patient’s unique physiology.

3D-Printed Food

3D printing might solve the problem of world hunger. 3D printers can make meals offering a sustainable solution to our growing population. In specific hunger-stricken areas, oil and powder cartridges will be used to create nutritional meals to enable people to thrive and survive. These cartridges have a shelf life of 30 years enabling zero food wastage.

Apparel and Fashion

Apparel can be customized by 3D printing. There is no longer any difficulty if one doesn’t fit in standard sizes; nothing is going to be too small or too big. A 3D printer can make it the exact size, fitting perfectly. Many companies and designers have incorporated 3D printing technology into their products and designs.


3D-printed homes may be the solution to a world without adequate or affordable housing. 3D printing has already produced houses done in less than one day for a cost of $10,000.

3D Printing in Space

3D printing has also invaded space. Space station teams and intergalactic explorers, without having to wait for replenishment, will utilize 3D printing to manufacture spacecraft components and products.


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