How 3D Printing Revolutionized Medicine in 2018

3D Printing – Recreating Human Organs

The inroads 3D printing technology made in the field of medicine have truly been astounding. In just one year – 2018 – there have been many amazing breakthroughs and complex developments that advanced medicine to a state it is today. Let’s look at some of these groundbreaking inroads.

3D printed rib implant. A 3D printed polymer rib implant was received by a patient in Bulgaria whose 5th rib was removed due to a growth. An exact replica was implanted successfully without complications.

3D printed prosthetics. A reconstructive hospital in Jordan has, for 10 years now, been restoring missing limbs for patients who are war and bomb blast victims by 3D printed prosthesis.

3D printed ligaments. From the University of New Mexico 3D printed ligaments could represent a new breakthrough in the way these injuries are treated. Torn ligaments are common injuries and difficult to treat, carrying risk of future complications. A special electrospinning technique is used here.

3D bionic eye. Researchers at the University of Minnesota 3D printed photoreceptors on a hemispherical surface, a technique that could lead to an actual functional bionic eye, paving the way for curing blindness.

3D printed placenta on a chip. A miniature cell culture that behaves in the manner of a full-sized organ was printed to enable new insight into the way that conditions pass from mothers to babies.

3D printed artificial lung. This is the first truly wearable device that is compatible with human tissue and can provide both short- and long-term respiratory support for those suffering from COPD, especially prevalent among veterans.

3D printed neural scaffold. This could help patients with long-term spinal cord injuries, which cause loss of function up to and including complete paralysis, actually recover some function in the future.

3D printing an actual human heart is still to be accomplished in the future. BIOLIFE4D announced that it has successfully 3D printed cardiac patches, sooner than expected. A promising sign and one more step forward in the quest to 3D print entire new organs.


Looking Forward to Medical Breakthroughs in Seattle

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