Better 3D Printing Initiatives For the Space Sector

Prototyping For Space And Beyond

AML3D is Australia-based and a renowned metal 3D printing bureau that provides additive manufacturing on demand services. It specializes in large scale 3D metal printing for manufacturing, aerospace, defence, maritime, mining, and other industries.

It uses its patented wire additive manufacturing (WAM) technology which works by combining electric arcs with welding wires as feedstock to produce large-scale free-form parts.

Now AML3D, from Adelaide, is making its first entry into the space sector through a partnership with a still undisclosed US aerospace firm. Using the WAM process, AML3D will produce a specialized 3D printed high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy prototype part for the company in its first move into the space exploration supply chain. The technology is particularly suited to the fabrication of bespoke parts with high-performance materials like titanium.

The high-strength and robustness afforded by WAM technology are what attracted the US aerospace company to AML3D. The process is also more cost-effective compared to traditional casting, forging or billet machining methods. AML3D considers the collaboration a recognition of their capabilities in the field of space exploration.

The space exploration sector is a rapidly growing field and it may also be a great opportunity for AML3D to expand their strategy into the North American market. It has strong R&D initiatives and demonstrated space sector prototyping expertise to play a wider role in this booming industry.


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