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January 30, 2017

Benefits of 3D Printed Architectural Scale Models

Architects used to create scale models for clients mostly out of wood or foam, a process that easily consumes weeks to months of valuable time. Designing models take time, patience and concentration and those who wish to step into the design world need to practice model making by using both brain and hands. Architectural models are important in the use of studying form, space and scale of a design concept. In the business world, clients can only give you enough time to design, build and present models for concept. Today, more and more architects are embracing the benefits of 3D printing for their models.

What can 3D printing do for scale models apart from it being a tremendous time-saver for architects, designers and draftsmen? Firstly, you are able to visualize your perspective better, making them a tangible way to communicate ideas. A 3D printed model eliminates the guesswork and the theoretical nature of drawings and sketches, blueprints or even digital 3D models.

Another is that models can be printed with great quality of details and can use a variety of materials. Surfaces are smooth and lines and angles are very distinct in 3D printed models. Polyamide or nylon plastic tend to be more popular for architectural models, while transparent elements like transparent resin or metal parts like steel or brass can be added. Models come out in full colors or in elegant monochrome, or can even be hand-painted for more depth and quality. Likewise, there’s flexibility when 3D printing scale models. They can be reprinted, edited, redesigned and are also reusable.

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The beauty of 3D printing is that it combines the precision of computer simulations with the tangibility of scale models. Here at your Seattle printing company, we define the future of architecture creating not just buildings but entire urban sections. Whatever your need for scale models – for study, promotions, or competitions – 3D Composites’ quality and durable models make the grade all the time.