Women working int he 50's

Exploring Quality & Service with the Women of 3DC

Since its establishment in 2013, 3D Composites has given a spotlight to both the precise quality of our product and the outstanding customer service that our company provides. In the following weeks we’ll take a look at how the women of 3DC hold the essential roles of establishing and maintaining these traits.

While women only make up 29% of the United States manufacturing industry and 15% of aerospace manufacturing¹, 3D Composites holds a majority of female staff, making up about 72% of 3DC’s population.

By taking a look at the women of our company we’ll see the beginnings of 3D Composites, how it has grown into a thriving aerospace supplier, and the backgrounds of those who know what it takes to create a business that holds up the standards of quality and service.

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¹ Demographic percentages taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS Reports: Women in the labor force: a databook, November 2017