Formlabs Launches New, High-Performance 3D Printing Materials

New Materials for Optimal 3D Printed Products

Formlabs is a 3D printing technology developer and manufacturer based in Somerville, Massachusetts. A decade in the business, Formlabs develops and manufactures 3D printers and related software and consumables. It continues to expand its portfolio by introducing new materials and recently launched two new versatile, proprietary materials for engineering and manufacturing applications. These are a reformulation of its existing Draft Resin, for quick design iterations and prototypes as well as dental products, and Rigid 10K Resin, which provides high resistance and stiffness for engineering and manufacturing purposes. They can print parts from initial design to the final, high-performance end product.

The new formulation Draft Resin comes in a new grey color. It can print parts up to four times faster than other available resins, while improving quality without losing accuracy. It can also 3D print eight models in an hour and a half, much faster than standard Formlabs Grey Resin, which does the same under 10 hours. It features a better surface finish with improved post-processing requirements, as support removal and wash and cure times. It’s good for fast design iterations, initial prototyping, high throughput jobs, and live 3D printing demos. It’s a great choice for product design, manufacturing, and engineering.

This Draft Resin can also be used for dental and orthodontic applications. In less than 20 minutes, it can print aligner and retainer models on site. It is best for orthodontic practices, like in chairside printing or same-day delivery. The large-format Form 3BL printer can be used to print over 95 dental models a day.

The new Rigid 10K Resin is the stiffest material in the Formlabs range, and can simulate glass or fiber-filled thermoplastics, featuring a smooth matte surface finish. Due to its high strength and resistance to chemicals, heat, and high pressure, it’s a good choice for precise industrial parts that can stand huge loads without bending or breaking, as well as fluid-exposed components, jigs, and fixtures, and molds. The material is strong and stiff, ideal for aerodynamic test models and short run injection mold masters and inserts.

Some companies that have utilized the Rigid 10K Resin vouched for its high level performance, that it can print complex forms accurately. It can also make the injection molding workflow more efficient, saving the companies manufacturing time and money.