The Golden Age of 3D Printing: Printing Fast and Big

Small Start-ups Thinking Big and Winning

3D printing is a technology that could someday incorporate into many other industries, even currently you various field are taking advantage of 3D printing technology.

There are a few companies and researchers are on the verge of major breakthroughs; such as a functioning heart the size of a rabbit that’s complete with blood vessels, created in Israel. A company named Carbon is working on a 3D printer capable of using multiple materials to print, when most products use only one type of material. Where shoes are concerned, they’re often made using rubber or another durable material for the sole, while the toe vamp, collar, and other parts are made out of synthetic cloth. Now a pair of shoes can be printed using different materials.

How do we justify 3D printing products of real value?

3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of manufacturing services, based in Amsterdam, is shaking the 3D printing industry up even further. 3D Hubs offers a good example of how companies evolve. Initially, the company was more of a community, allowing individual 3D printers and small companies to complete projects in exchange for cash. Now, 3D Hubs is focusing on high- end customers and is using high-end plastics, metals, and other materials to produce advanced components and products. It can produce components, parts, or even whole products in a matter of days. This should speed up innovation and reduce product development times.

Kepler Communications is a startup looking to put satellites into space where only a few commercial companies can. Development and delivery costs can be absurdly expensive. Only the super-rich can afford this, apart from governments. Kepler reached the final frontier, putting a nanosatellite into space within 12 months. They rapidly engineered prototypes. They jot ideas down quickly and validated many concepts. That’s because of 3DHubs. It takes weeks to assemble a satellite built completely by hand. 3DHubs was able to quickly crank out high-quality components that could then be studied and tested.

“3D printing services by Carbon, 3DHubs, and others could shake up entire industries and lead to much quicker and more affordable research and development. This should spur innovation and ensure that more ideas are brought to life.” –


Shaking Up Industries in Seattle

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