New 3D Printing Material That’s Tough and Water-Soluble

Reducing Post-Production Costs

AquaSys 180 is an innovation created by Infinite Material Solutions, itself an award-winning innovator of 3D printing materials and material design based out of Prescott, Wisconsin. The company’s aim is to build material solutions and processes that redefine the manufacturing industry. AquaSys is a filament family that is not a printing material itself but a printing material support. It has made its official launch just recently. It is a breakthrough product because this printing material support is water-soluble .

How will this unique product benefit the industry?

Did you know that much of the cost of a 3D printed part can come from post-processing tasks that can be time-wasting? Support materials can cut down most of the tasks involved.

There are traditional support filaments in the market but they don’t provide the optimal support manufacturers need. If you are producing complex geometries, there is the added difficulty when you break away the supports. There are a lot of water-soluble materials but they can’t stand up to the temperatures required to support engineering-grade build materials.

AquaSys filaments are designed to meet the rigorous demands of advanced additive manufacturing applications. They make 3D printing easier, faster, more cost-effective, and more viable as a method for creating end-use parts with desirable thermoplastics.

They have a high-performance stability, thriving in higher temperatures than any other water-soluble support material. That translates to high-quality, warp-free parts with more materials than ever before. They dissolve quickly, enable complex designs, and leave behind a smooth finish; thereby reducing post-processing time. All that is needed is tap water, no harsh chemicals are required. They’re also safe to use, and generally safe to discharge in most waste-water systems.

When the company introduced AquaSys 120 in 2018, it was the first water-soluble support compatible with popular build materials such as ABS. AquaSys 180 is poised to attract a larger audience, especially within the aerospace and automotive industries which produce end-use parts made from PEI or PEEK.

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