Kim Brooks-Mathieson

Precise Quality with Kim Brooks-Mathieson

Exploring Quality & Service with the Women of 3DC

For 3D Composites “precise quality” means taking the time to ensure that each part not only passes the quality inspections guided by industry standards, but also is something the we can be proud of.

Quality Manager Kim Brooks-Mathieson has worked in quality control for 25 years and now she is bringing her expertise to 3DC. Kim has worked at 3DC since April of 2016 writing procedures to regulate production and inspecting parts to certify that they are up to the standards of our customers’ expectations.

Since her start in the industry in 1991, Kim has seen a lot of change in her field. “In the quality department there were usually 2 women and the rest were men. I think that women have come a long way in the aerospace industry…when I go out and network I see a lot of women now, as opposed to 25 years ago when I started, I was one of the only (in the Snohomish county area) woman in quality at the time.”

When I asked Kim about working for a company that is predominantly women she said, “I love it, I think we get a lot accomplished. And I like that fact that age wise there is a mixture of us… it’s nice to see the diversity.”

She is currently working on updating the company to meet the new AS9100 Rev D certification standards for 2018. “My day is taken up with audits and writing procedures. By staying on top of up and coming stuff, keeping us on track quality wise – our documents, keeping on top of paperwork, that’s how I help to ensure our quality and service.”

“I’m proud of what we do, I’m proud of what we send out. If I can help it we’ll always aim for the best in quality parts.”

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Women working int he 50's

Exploring Quality & Service with the Women of 3DC

Since its establishment in 2013, 3D Composites has given a spotlight to both the precise quality of our product and the outstanding customer service that our company provides. In the following weeks we’ll take a look at how the women of 3DC hold the essential roles of establishing and maintaining these traits.

While women only make up 29% of the United States manufacturing industry and 15% of aerospace manufacturing¹, 3D Composites holds a majority of female staff, making up about 72% of 3DC’s population.

By taking a look at the women of our company we’ll see the beginnings of 3D Composites, how it has grown into a thriving aerospace supplier, and the backgrounds of those who know what it takes to create a business that holds up the standards of quality and service.

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¹ Demographic percentages taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS Reports: Women in the labor force: a databook, November 2017