3D Printing’s Amazing Applications and Benefits

Rationale for the 3D Printing Success

3D printing has made great inroads across all types of fields, proving its use in a variety of applications. You can actually print most things with 3D printing, from simple home items to the much more complex industrial parts, even whole houses.

Here are some of the most important and very popular fields where 3D printing has been used.

  • Manufacturing – in industrial plants, aircraft and aerospace, automotive
  • Medicine and healthcare, including in the dental field
  • Building and engineering
  • Education/Learning institutions
  • Architecture
  • Military
  • Fashion, clothing, including jewelries and accessories
  • Music and art
  • Sports
  • Movies and film-making
  • Foods, etc.

What are the benefits of using 3D printing technology?

3D printing offers a myriad of benefits, especially when compared to traditional manufacturing processes. One of its desirable attributes is faster production. Compared to its conventional counterpart, results are attained in a matter of minutes to hours, versus days and weeks. It is also cost-effective. It saves money by way of raw materials, zero to minimal material wastage, decreased production time, and less man-hours and labor.

High quality of products is another benefit.

3D printing allows for consistency, precision, and accuracy of the final model. The technology is also easily accessible. Open-source software packages and affordable printers and devices, including printing materials, are easy to find and access. Also, product designs are limitless for 3D printing. Lastly, 3D printing is great for creating prototypes – models can be re-designed, tested, and fine-tuned when needed.