3D Printing

Easy and Cool: 3D Printed Things You Can Really Use

Cool Ideas to 3D Print

3D print your ideas! Colorful, sturdy, and certainly useful for personal use, at home, school or office. Great, personalized gifts for special occasions.

Consider a digital sundial. It’s innovative and really works. The shape of the sundial has been designed to only let through the right sun rays at the right time and angle, so it can display the actual time at 20 minute intervals.

How about a survival whistle? You can make your own original design. Design it rugged, easy to make, easy to carry, of neon color and as loud as 118 decibels! It’s perfect for emergency situations.

Consider a soap dish, a toothpaste tube squeezer, a coaster, a sliding bag clip, a bottle cap opener, jar handles snap-on portal book stand, shopping bag handles, piggy banks, a modular, articulated lamp, a shower head, or a car windshield ice scraper.

For handy tools and aids around the house, you’ll find these helpful when you need them: a fully assembled platform jack with adjustable height for objects you need to prop up (like a camera), a set of customizable sanding sticks of different widths and lengths, hand-screw clamps for low-intensity woodworking, customizable parametric u-hooks to hang loads as heavy as 40 kilos, plastic wrench for general use, door stoppers, and even a plastic hammer.

For your electronic devices, these items will keep your stuff in order, safe, and ready to use. Consider an earbud holder, stackable hexagonal drawers for cables, a wall outlet shelf for your phone or tablet, a passive sound amplifier with tiny speakers, a headphone stand, a modular mounting system for phones, tablets and lightweight cameras, or a micro SD card holder.

These are just a few of simple, everyday items you can 3D print and, what’s best is, you can customize them. They are only ideas but have seen print already. Many, many other ideas are out there, like toys, other kitchen gadgets, decor, and even fancy jewelry. Only your mind can limit the possibilities.

Printing Useful Ideas at 3D Composites

If you can imagine it, we might be able to print it. Choose from a wide variety of colors and materials that are capable of fitting different strength requirements and specifications. Contact 3D Composites Seattle if you’ve got an idea and let us help.