3D Printing

How 3D Printing is still Changing the World

From Industry to Industry

How has additive manufacturing impacted every industry in the world? Let us explore all of the fascinating ways 3D printing is changing our world.

Improved Healthcare

3D printing technology is able to print customized prosthetics for patients, develop surgical cutting and drill guides, or even replicas of bones, organs, and blood vessels of the individual patient. For the patient, this helps cut down on the costs and time of procedures significantly. 3D printing technology will be able to create personalized organs, skin grafts or mechanical parts to print targeted nanoparticles, food, and pills that are adapted to one’s specific microbiome and physiology.

3D printing can mimic a human heart using human tissue that includes vessels, collagen, and biological molecules. 3D printed organs would directly lead to faster transplants, which would go on to save countless lives. Lately, 3D printing has come to the rescue of medical frontliners fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saving the Environment

3D printing could impact the environment that range from helping injured animals in repairing fragile ecosystems. Directly 3D printing can reduce waste material, offering more sustainable industrial manufacturing alternatives, making it easier for these same manufacturers to produce things locally further curbing our reliance on fossil fuels in the long run. Finally, 3D printing has been used to study environmental degradation. More researchers are looking to 3D printing to solve complex environmental issues.

Provide Instant Homes

3D printing is changing the way we build. Many companies around the world have used 3D printing technologies to construct commercial complexes and homes. Houses can be built using a giant 3D printer for the fraction of the time and cost of building a real home.

Helping Automakers Make Cars

One of the significant benefits of 3D printing is that it’ss a powerful tool for rapid prototyping. Car makers use 3D printing for rapid prototyping to make parts for testing. 3D printing is also helping car manufacturers create custom, complex and high-performance parts. They can create far more detailed, micro-scale precision parts. In fact, entire vehicles can be 3D printed too.

Changing Fashion

Established and young designers can prototype ideas much faster and even design their own unique fashion-forward creations. Brands such as Adidas have tapped 3D printing technology to design better and more comfortable shoes for consumers. 3D printing will open the gates to hyper customization.

Changing the Way People Eat

3D printers that can create edible dishware and tasty food. The 3D printing food industry is still very young, but has a lot of huge potential. You can print pizza, pasta, pastries, and even sandwiches. There are even now pop-up restaurants that offer 3D printed food experiences.

To Mars and Beyond

3D printing technology has already played a major role in the aerospace industry. 3D printing could be an excellent way to make trips to space cheaper and lighter. Even supplies and spare parts can be manufactured while in space. Being able to 3D print food supplies for astronauts could make longer trips much more manageable. Now NASA is currently revolutionizing how liquid rocket engines are made.