The Positive Environmental Impact of 3D Printing

May 2, 2023

Additive manufacturing has the reputation of being more ecologically friendly than traditional subtractive manufacturing. A part of the reason that we chose to invest in 3D printing as our manufacturing solution was because of those claims. But what is mass additive manufacturing’s real impact on the environment?

3D printing is looked to as being the next step in the future of manufacturing in part because of its ability to produce finished products with less greenhouse gas emissions and material waste. The industry is working to become more efficient by encouraging practices to decrease the environmental impact of manufacturing. Reducing supply chains by outsourcing print files to local printers will help decrease transportation emissions and reduce the carbon footprint. Developing more sustainable processes and materials will contribute to furthering a circular economy. As 3D printing technology becomes more refined and accessible to more users, the general population will be able to have a reliable source of small batch production and repairs.

Currently, mass manufacturing for industrial wares makes a significant contribution to the environmental issues of today. But we are already seeing steps taken toward more eco-friendly practices. 3D Composites is a partner of Stratasys, a company that has committed to the concept of mindful manufacturing1. Recycling and reuse of printer components reduces their total consumables. They produce materials like SAF’s PA11 is 100% sustainably sourced2 from castor oil.

While any source of industrial manufacturing is not going to be 100% environmentally sustainable tomorrow, we can see that there are advances being made to lessen the impact of additive manufacturing. At 3D Composites we strive to become part of a community that makes efforts towards a more sustainable global future.

Taking Steps

Started decreasing your manufacturing impact with our 3D printing service. We work with all industries to print your custom designs faster and at lower cost than traditional manufacturing. Reduce lead times for your jigs and fixtures, or source your production runs locally through our shop. Contact us today to talk with our team.

1 Stratasys’ commitment to mindful manufacturing
2 Sustainable material PA11