Quality Inspection Blocks

We printed some blocks that are making quality inspection a breeze.

We have hundreds of small parts that have been printed and need to be quality checked. These blocks are individually sized to cover a particular quality check point. They have been super useful for helping us ensure that each part in this large production run is conforming to the correct specifications.

To learn more about our practices visit our quality page.



Full Service Manufacturing with Cargo Signal

This past month 3DC had the opportunity to combine each of our main services to show how our shop works to create a final product. When Seattle based cargo tracking company Cargo Signal came to us with a design that they needed manufactured for a short production run, we knew we could do the job!

Cargo Signal’s prototype design was to create an encasement for their new tracking device. Building on their idea, our engineering team was able to design an FDM tool that would be 3D printed and used for multiple pulls on our thermoformer. Because thermoforming requires plastic to be heated up to high temperatures, we printed the tool in Ultem 9085, for its thermal resistance and strength.

The body of the parts were thermoformed out of ABS plastic sheets in sets of eight and then our CNC machinists cut them to their final shape. This way we were able to utilize the most space out of the ABS sheets to try and cut down on waste. The finishing touch was to laser engrave each part with the Cargo Signal logo.

“Thanks for the great work, your cases are a big hit…They came out amazing.”

– Paul Nicholls, Cargo Signal

We produced over 1000 cases for Cargo Signal so far with more to go! Our range of services gives our customers maximum customization for their designs and ideas. Click here to learn more about the different services offered by 3D Composites and let us transform your ideas into reality.


Customize It with Laser Cutting & Engraving

Additive manufacturing excels when paired with a technique that can make it unique. If you are looking for small scale milling for your specialized parts and products, we offer laser cutting & engraving services. Our table has two laser heads for double the production on duplicate pieces. Whether on a 3D printed piece or your own materials, laser cutting & engraving makes it your own.

Contact our team to see how laser cutting & engraving can work for you!


Kim Gustafson to speak at the PNAA symposium

3DC’s own Kim Gustafson is going to be a panel speaker at next week’s PNAA NExT Event: Northwest Additive Manufacturing Symposium (3D Printing) at the University of Washington! The symposium will feature manufacturing representatives from a variety of sources who are willing to share their first hand knowledge of the benefits and techniques of additive manufacturing, specifically 3D printing.

On Friday, April 26th, Kim and three other speakers will be on the afternoon’s second panel, How Additive Benefits Business. The panelists will be sharing their experiences with the technical aspects of the additive manufacturing business, their origins with learning the technology, and offering their views on how additive manufacturing will be implemented in the future.

If you are interested in attending or want to find out more visit pnaa.net/events and root Kim on!

Integrating vacuum thermoforming in 3DC manufacturing

3D Composites is taking our thermoforming services to the next level this year and vice president Kim Gustafson explains how.

“We do thermoforming as just one way of manufacturing production parts for a small quantity by being vertically integrated enough to to everything in-house,” says Kim.

Being able to produce your part from design and development all the way to finished piece is great because you can be sure that your part is meeting our quality standards throughout the entire process.

“We do the tooling in-house, we have CNC routers in-house, as well as the 3D printed tooling. Vacuum forming is just one of many different ways that we manufacture quick parts for our customers.”

3DC is implementing more manufacturing processes like increasing our machining capabilities so that we can give you more options and keep providing you quality parts and service.

Learn more about our thermoforming and other 3DC services here!